10A 12V/24V Solar Panel Battery Regulator Charge Controller LCD 3 year Warranty

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This unit has a 3 year warranty! dont buy a cheap one every 6 months any more, buy something thats going to last, however its specialty really lies in the inner 32 bits CPU, (above the standard 8bit) this enables the controllers to work faster and is more stable and efficient. Besides, our unique Black&Red big (10mm) terminals design facilitate your connection of larger cable sizes than other Regulator brands.

*32bits CPU, sampling precision is much higher, operation speed is faster

*12V/24VDC Automatic Identification System Voltage
*3 stages PWM charging: Bulk, Boost, Float
*Sealed, Gel, Flooded battery selection procedure
*Humanized LCD displaying,dynamic display operation data and
  working state.

*Built-in operation log, account system working state
*Multi load control mode: Normal mode, Sensor mode, Timer mode
*Temperature Compensation Function
*Fullest digital protection functions: Overcharging, Over-discharging,    Overload, Short Circuit, Reverse Connection and so on
*Max 16mm2 connectors
*5V 1A USB output underneath so its not a water trap