4 x Reusable Awning Tarp Tent Clips Clamps Heavy Duty Clamp Camping

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These Tarp clips/Clamps are excellent for camping, to use simply push up the outside fitting , the further you push the harder it locks, and to release you simply push the button and slide back.
If you have a bag awning these are superb to fit any standard caravan awning privacy screen! Attach these along your bag awning and clip  your privacy screen to the clamps and done!
Want a tighter ground sheet? No problem attach these to your sheet, and peg it out, stop the wind picking it up, and bunching to boot
Made from a quality ABS material they will give you years of trouble free use.

We buy our products directly from the manufactorer and test before we sell anything, this ensures you get a great quality product the first time, after all none of us wants issues.
Please note in order to keep our costs similar to others we send purchase of 1 or 2 of these in a non padded satchel, 4 and above go in a padded satchel and tracked postage.
If you wish your 1 or 2 clips to go padded and tracked we can arrange that, please ask and we shall charge a small $7 fee to cover the costs.