150A Watt Meter Voltmeter Power Analyzer Volt Solar Amp Anderson Plug

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Anderson plugs: With 2 x anderson Plugs

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These meters are easily plugged in, in-line, to measure:

Amp Hours (Ah) - Total charge Ah delivered from source to load
Amp Peak (Ap) - Highest amp value delivered (typically startup cycle for inverters, compressors, fridges etc)
Amp (A) - Amps being delivered at that point in time
Voltage - Source voltage, and minimum Source voltage. Good for measuring the voltage at the lowest point of charge (eg. minimum overnight voltage of car fridge battery)
Power (Watts) - Peak watts, Watts being delivered at that point in time

Brand New High Quality
Including if selected, 2 Anderson plugs, ideal for the 4x4 and camping enthusiast.
A popular configuration is to use Anderson plug to Alligator clip adaptors, giving you the best of both worlds.

+/- 5% deficiency allowance
Operates from 6.8v to 60v
Can measure down to 0v with optional auxiliary (great for stress-testing batteries)
Measures 0 to 150A with a resolution of 0.01A (50 Amp connectors for continuous - up to 150A for short peak bursts only)
Measures 0 to 60V with a resolution of 0.01V
Measures 0 to 6554W with a resolution of 0.01W
Measures 0 to 65Ah with a resolution of 0.001Ah
Blue back-lit LCD display

1 Year Warranty

Package Contents
1 x Retail Box
1 x LCD Watt Meter
1 x User Manual
2 x Anderson Plugs 
Without Anderson plugs based on your choice

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