Jumpbooster 12 Volt 4000 Amp JP30 heavy duty jump start Truck Starter to 16-litre diesel engines

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Jumpbooster 12 Volt 4000 Amp  JP30 heavy duty jump start for Trucks
A jump start that does what it says it does!
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Details :
We have partnered with Marxgold to bring you some awesome jump starters, don't be stranded with a starter that seemed to tick all the boxes at the time, start your vehicle with one that actually does what it says it will.

The 12V JUMPBOOSTER JP30 Delivers a New Standard for Battery Safety, Performance and Reliability for the Trucking Industry

Ground-breaking new jump starter battery designed specifically to jump start heavy-duty diesel trucks instantly. The 12V JUMPBOOSTER JP30 delivers a new industry standard for safety, performance and reliability to over-the-road truck operators.

 Dead batteries are a huge issue in the trucking industry, causing expense, delays and lost opportunities. But now, thanks to the revolutionary new JUMPBOOSTER JP30, those worries are a thing of the past.

 "The JUMPBOOSTER JP30 is the most powerful, smallest, lightest and best value lithium-ion jump starter on the market that can INSTANTLY jump-start your heavy-duty diesel equipment up to 16L," says Mark Bygrave, Director of Marxgold Starting Solutions. The unit is so powerful, weighing only 5.6 kgs, it can even start a heavy-duty diesel truck with no lead-acid batteries connected.

 The compact jump-starter device produces a full 4,000 peak cranking amps, more than enough to start any diesel truck engine up to 16 litres in displacement. Safe, efficient and easy to use, the JUMPBOOSTER JP30 truly is a game-changer for over-the-road truck drivers.

Instead of having to roll out an unwieldy 160kg lead-acid battery cart to start a dead battery in a big rig — often in inclement weather — the JUMPBOOSTER JP30 weighs 5.6 kilograms. The JUMPBOOSTER JP30 unit performs and exceeds past what's advertised in a compact, easy-to-use package. It offers increased safety because it's so easy to use. It does give a 'wow' factor for our customers.

 "I don't know of any shop anywhere that would want to be without one of these if their business is repairing trucks,"  "There is no other product out there like the JUMPBOOSTER JP30."

 The secret is JUMPBOOSTER JP30 high-output lithium-ion batteries, which use microchip technology to keep from ever overheating, while at the same time delivering the massive power truckers need. Just connect the JUMPBOOSTER JP30 to their truck's battery terminals, fire it up and drive away.

The power of the JUMPBOOSTER JP30 is available in both 12 volts or 24 volts. 

On top of the ample cranking power, the JUMPBOOSTER JP30 comes with a host of versatile and practical features, including two cigarette-lighter ports, two USB ports, an extra-bright LED flashlight and built-in smart cables. When it isn't being used for firing up an engine, the JUMPBOOSTER JP30 can be used to recharge a laptop, phone or tablet, and other electronic devices.

The JUMPBOOSTER JP30 has a seven-year lifespan and provides instantaneous power on demand. Over its lifetime, it can provide up to 5,000 starts. Safety features include reverse polarity, low-voltage protection, short circuit overheat protection and over-discharge protection.

The 12 V JUMPBOOSTER JP30 Jump Starter Battery is designed for heavy-duty diesel trucks. The product comes with two cigarette-lighter ports, two USB ports, an extra-bright LED flashlight and built-in smart cables. It can be used for recharging laptops, phone, tablet or other electronic devices. The jump starter is offered with features such as reverse polarity, low-voltage protection, short circuit overheat protection and over-discharge protection and delivers up to 5,000 starts.

Mark says While demonstrating to customers I have been able to start dead flat Freightliners, Kenworths and Mack's. Due to the nature of calling in on businesses, there is always a dead truck that hasn't been started for a long period. These are trucks that isolators have been left on and parked for extended periods. NO Glow or click and batteries showing < 2 volts. without the JUMPBOOSTER JP30 connected. Quite often a couple of 5+ seconds sets of cranking before the engine starts. A start like this will only take around 5 to 8% our of the JUMPBOOSTER JP30 battery. Once they have been started, a second starts instantly and will use 1% or less to start.

A high-quality lithium powerful jump starter for the trucking industry. Built heavy-duty and capable of starting 16-litre diesel engines.  


  • Battery Type         Lithium-ion Cobalt
  • Capacity               64000mAh 236.8AH
  • Unit Dimensions    277.6mm H, 110mm W, 274mm L
  • Weight                 5.06 kg Unit only, 7.35 kg Box gross weight 
  • Input                   A/C Recharging - AC wall charger with 18V 2A output - 8 hours, 12V DC charger 10 hours
  • Outputs               5V/2.1A x 2, 12V/3.5A x 1, 12/16 V/10A DC Aux Power x 2
  • Starting Current   2000A 
  • Peak Current        4000A  (<200MS)
  • Operating Temp    -20C-70C
  • Lifetime               Up to 5000 starts


  • Jump Start           Capable of cranking all of 12 Petrol and up to 16 Litre 12V Diesel trucks 
  • Charges devices Charges most phones, cameras, iPad, tablet and laptops etc
  • LED Display          Shows power level, output voltage and real-time current detecting function
  • LED Work Light     Cycle  High, Low, SOS models 500 lumen
  • Built-in Protection  Short circuit protection, thermal protection or reverse protected clamps

Box Contents

  • High Capacity 12 Volt Jump Starter
  • User Manual
  • 3 in 1 phone charging cables
  • AC wall charger
  • 12 Volt charger
  • Safety Strap


  • 1 Year

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