12V 10Amps Lead Anderson style Plug to Fit Waeco & Kings Fridge 150A meter combo

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Please note check your polarity on the fridge cable.
If you have an angled plug this will be fine.
We have made this plug and play for you, source and draw are marked on the meter.
Now you will be able to see exactly what the fridge is doing without buying a special battery box, perfect for 4wd's and campers.
What's more, you can log your usage so when you go to buy a solar panel you will know exactly what you require, and how long you can get away without one.

With New Waecos with straight plugs, the setback on the control panel is slightly deeper, this plug measures 18mm from tip to angle, you need to ensure that your fridge from inside the socket to the edge of the inset measures no more than 16mm, or this plug will not be long enough,

Brand new factory manufactured, 3-meter cable to suit Waeco fridge, to 50A Anderson style plug.
Plus a 150A watt meter to keep an eye on draw log your usage and tell you what your battery is doing

3 meters 12/24Volt 16AWG (2x1.31mm2)(10 amps ) Unfused cable
50A S&D Anderson style plug and a Waeco/Kings type plug for your fridge.

1 x 150A watt/voltmeter Analyser

  • Amp Hours (Ah) – Total charge Ah delivered from source to load
  • Amp Peak (Ap) – Highest amp value delivered (typically startup cycle for inverters, compressors, fridges etc)
  • Amp (A) – Amps being delivered at that point in time
  • Voltage – Source voltage, and minimum Source voltage. Good for measuring the voltage at the lowest point of charge (eg minimum overnight voltage of car fridge battery)
  • Power (Watts) – Peak watts,  Watts being delivered at that point in time

    The meter can be “turned around” to measure charge going back into the battery during a charging cycle.  In this instance, the charger (DCDC, Solar, Mains Battery Charger) is connected to Source, and the battery is connected to “Load”.

  • Charging Cycle Readings:

    • Amp Hours (Ah) – Total charge delivered to the battery
    • Amp Peak (Ap) – Highest charge delivered to the battery (Bulk charging)
    • Voltage – Point in time voltage from the Charger (charger is not over or under-charging)

Please note this will only connect with Grey Anderson plugs, this is by design.

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