12V-48V Battery Status Voltage Voltmeter Monitor Meter Caravan Lifepo, AGM



This battery meter has a large back lit display (green), is surface mounted so you do not have to cut holes to mount, and is suitable for all of todays caravan batteries from 12-48V (Auto detect).
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Simple dustproof and waterproof ip66
Suitable for AGM, lead-acid, lithium-ion batteries, lithium iron phosphate (lifepo)
Displays both Voltage and a battery level meter, 
Displays Charging voltage
High reliability,low cost and small size
Silent operation,no moving parts
High accuracy
Reliable performance
Can restore the factory defaults mode
Digital display mode of current voltage
With green back light- sleeps after 2 seconds
Suitable for a variety of battery types,can set by yourself
Automatically identifies the voltage of 12V,24V,36V or 48V
Can set the voltage parameters by yourself
Displays the percentage of remaining battery power, voltage.

Can set the value of overvoltage and undervoltage,when the voltage is higher than overvoltage or lower than undervoltage,display will alert you.
Power usage 0.3mA

Package includes:

1 pc Battery Capacity Indicator Voltage Monitor
1 pc double sided Velcro
1 pc instructions

2 pc Cable Tie
Meter Size 66x35mm

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