12V DC Cigarette Adapter 2.5mm 5 AMP Foxtel VAST TV Satellite Finder



This is a 1 meter 12V DC plug ideal for Televisions, VAST, Foxtel, LED Lights Caravans, Boats, Motorhomes and More
It is fused with a 5A fuse to suit the new Foxtel boxes.
Exceeding 5 amps will blow the fuse and can cause melting or fire, be aware of the draw on your item, not all TV's are under 5 Amps.

Specification car cigarette lighter plug to cross DC plug with fuse cable power cable
Connector 1 Male Cigarette lighter
Connector 2 DC 5.5*2.5mm
Operating Voltage 12-24V
Output 12-24V
Weight 110g
Fuse glass fuse(6*30mm) 5A
Material ABS+PVC
Color Black
Cable length 1m
Wire 2464 22AWG/2C
Certification CE,RoHS
Warranty 1 Year

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