12V DC Cigarette Adapter 2 Way Dual Pin Charger Splitter



Cigarette plug with 2 x 1.5mtr 12v plugs to suit most TV's satellite Receivers, LED lights and other 12V appliances.
The total amp capacity of this is 7amps, so there is plenty to run your tv, and accessories at the same time.

Replace up to 3 items, don’t spend money on a splitter and then 2 separate cables when one will work.
Socket is outside a cupboard? no need for an ugly dual socket and 2 additional cables to mess up the area, pop this in and away you go.
1.5 metres on each lead if you need the distance between your items you are all set.

We have these made for us, and so we control the quality, you are not buying form a overseas “Factory”
Please note Total draw is 7 amps, please ensure you do not run over or you will blow a fuse and run A risk of fire.

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