80 Watt 12 Volt Sunpower Silicon Cell Folding Solar Panel Only 2KGS with Accessories

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80W 12V Portable Canvas suitcase style folding solar panel 2kgs, light efficient reliable power, with all accessories so you just plug it on to your battery.
Suitable for a 40 litre fridge a couple of LED lights as well as your phones and tablets, includes a USB charger, as a guide in full sun.

Complete unit, with stand, the additional cable, fitting for both battery and alligator clips and also a quality regulator, so this is the full kit!

This is not one of the cheap eBay panels, it is made to specifications for us, there is too much rubbish out there now and we like our customers happy.

Price includes free shipping by courier (no PO BOX) Please allow 2 - 2 1/2 weeks for delivery.

Mechanical specifications:
Name: 80W efficient solar folding charger
Battery type: Sunpower(monocrystalline silicon) solar cells
Conversion efficiency: more than 22.15%
Surface material: frosted PET
Bag material: 1200D
Fabric color: black
Expanded size: 854*546mm
Folding size: 546*427mm
Net weight: 2 KGS

Solar charging package parameters:
Monolithic solar panel size: 560*400*4mm
Single product power: 40W
Fold: 2 fold = 1 * 2
Connection: parallel
Total power: 80W
Operating voltage: 19.8V
Operating current: 4.04A
Open circuit voltage: 23.7V
Short circuit current: 4.44A
Maximum system voltage (IEC / UL): 700V
Operating temperature: -40 °C to 85 °C
Power temperature coefficient: - 0.38% / K
Voltage temperature coefficient: -132.5 mV / K
Current temperature system (-1.8mV / oC)
Test standards: radiation volume 1000W / M2, operating temperature 25 ℃, air quality: 1.5g