Battery Indicator 90V 200A Volt Amp Capacity Power Combo Meter Charge Discharge

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A new-type voltmeter which can measure voltage, current, power, charging capacity and time at the same time, also can set over-voltage protection, over current protection, over-power protection, overcharging capacity protection, over-time protection and low-voltage protection.

The voltmeter adopts two upper and lower groups of LED nixie tubes and displays the measured data.
During use, it can perform flexible switching for displaying different physical quantities.  Therefore, the voltmeter is very suitable for monitoring output voltage and current and also is applicable to occasions such as battery charge and discharge
200A Pre-wired Shunt for ease of installation.


Dual display for voltage and current, and availability for switching display power, charge capacity and time.
Flexible online calibration function, you can calibrate the voltage and current value by yourself.
4-bit LED Nixie tube, 3-bit measured values and one-bit unit.
With output ON/OFF function key, flexible turn on or off the output.
With over-voltage, low-voltage, over-current, over-power,over-charging and over-time protection functions.


Two-wire system input voltage range: 10V ~ 90V
Three-wire system input voltage range: 0 ~ 90V
Output current: 0 ~ 200A
Display mode: 4-bit LED Nixie tube, 3-bit measured values and one-bit unit
Display resolution : 0.01V, 0.01A, 0.01W, 0.01AH, 0.01H
Voltage accuracy: ¡À1%+2 bytes
Current accuracy: ¡À2%+5 bytes
Measuring rate: 5 times/s
Size(mm): 79 x 43 x 25
Installing hole (mm): 76.5 x 39.2

Package includes:

1 x Power Energy Meter
1 x 200A pre-wired Shunt
1 x Cable

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