Colour LCD 12V 24V 48V 60V 72V 100V Battery Status Voltage meter Monitor



Please note all of our meters are now sent either E-Parcel or registered mail at no extra charge (you may need to sign for it), due to the high volume sent we do not load the tracking number, but it is available if required, if you do not want the meter sent registered please advise us.

These are not for Lifepo Batteries see our other ads for an alternative for lifepo batteries.
Suits AGM, Flooded and sealed batteries

This is our newest colour battery meter made by the same people that make our very popular and accurate 300A discharge meter, they are bigger than other meters of this type and very well made. you can see it pictured against one of our standard meters use scroll under pictures.
This is not a generic meter you can find everywhere.
Meter is full colour and very impresive to look at, Range 8-100V.

Dimensions  89.6*49.6*24.25mm
Push button to turn on or off the backlight, the display is always on.
Power usage is 0.5watts if unit is on, so at 12 volts 0.042amps (0.5/volts)

Voltage Range
Direct Power supply
Measurement range: DC8-100V
Individual power supply
Individual power supply range: DC5-12V
Measurement range: DC0-100V
 Display format
<10V display format such as:9.99V
<100V display such as:99.9V
100V display format such as:100V
Display format
<10% display format such as:9%
<100% display format such as:99%
100% display format such as:100%
Battery symbol
Five cell symbol  
Display format
SOC >90% display full cells
80%<SOC ≤90% first cell is flicker
SOC≤80% display four cells
60%<SOC≤70% second cell is flicker
And so on……


In the Bag
1 x Meter
1 set wires
1 instructions

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