LCD 12V 24V 36V 48V Battery Status Voltage Voltmeter Monitor Meter Caravan

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We now have surface mounts available for this meter. They are 3d Printed so some lines marks to be expected. the mount supports 3 variants of meters, you will get this meter with the mount.

New 2021! Waterproof

This meter is one of our easiest to set for standard lead acid, AGM, flooded batteries.
Meter is pre-calibrated for 12v batteries (AGM, Flooded, Sealed, VLRA)
This is not for LIFEPO batteries
Product parameters;

1. Voltage measurement range; DC8V - 100 - v
2. Working current; The < 15 ma
3. Display mode; LCD screen
4. Measurement accuracy: 1% ±1 word.
5. Display: LCD
6. Measuring speed: about 2 times per second.
7. Size: 61*33*14.
8. Install Hole size 58.5*28.5

We have written English instructions here for you if you have any questions please ask.

To enter set menu long press the set button.
Set changes numbers, on/off to select.
After setting the battery parameters, press the power button (power button) to confirm saving
To exit Long press set button.

If the value is not saved properly, it will flash, in which case you will need to do this again.

1 Battery type:
“P” lead-acid, AGM, flooded etc. (standard 12V)
“F” - 
ternary lithium – set series 02-25
“L” Lithium Ion pack strings 03-26

To set 12v battery, enter P-12, 24V is P-24 etc.

2 Display
Unit is preset to have an always on display, you can set the timer to turn it off automatically.
select amount of time to set (in seconds), press on/off set to on, long press set.

3, if you have a custom battery setup you can set the voltages here
Left side is low voltage (assumes a second place decimal)
Right side is high volume, this allows you to setup any system from 8v – 100v

4, Voltage low alarm signal, this sets a flashing icon to grab attention when the voltage is lower then set here.

5, DO NOT use this, it is a reset mode and you will have to re-program the meter with a 12v power supply

6, Temperature settings – this will not work on this particular meter.

7, High voltage alarm signal, this sets a flashing icon to grab attention when the voltage is higher then set here.

Working temperature: -10 ~ +70

Working humidity: 10 ~ 80% (no condensation)
Working pressure: 80 ~ 106kPa
Sunlight exposure: no prolonged direct exposure
During the measurement process, do not exceed the specified value of the product, or damage can occur

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