CREE Q3 LED Zoomable Focus Bright Flashlight Torch Light 1 x AA/14500




LED flashlight, this compact flashlight takes either a 14500 rechargeable or 1 x AA battery
A 14500 will last longer and be brighter, but for ease you can pop 1 x AA into it and away you go, no special adaptor required, so you wont get caught out with a flat torch.

Utilising the latest technology, in both lens-reflector CREE LED it has an effective range of 100 meters.

We only advertise true achievable Lumens, not outrageous and misleading lumen's, this is a true 200 lumen light, and if I was to advertise the misleading figure it would be 1000-1200 equivalent. You can see this information on the CREE Website.

Dual lens CREE Q3

Operating voltage:  3.7V
Brightness: 200 LUMENS
PMMA lens
Aluminium Alloy body
Battery required 14500 or AA Battery (not included)
Discharge time: 1-2Hours depending on the battery ah
Visible Distance: 100 Meters!
Size: 92 x 5 x 26 mm
Weight:  62g
Button Mode: Hard Push: On/Off 
Soft push: High - Low -Flash
Expected LED Life:100.000 hours
Expected Switch Life 10,000 full uses
ip54, able to withstand water damage

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