Hyundai 300W / 600W max Power Station



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Hyundai 300W / 600W max Power Station - made of rechargeable lithium-ion battery, inverter circuit & battery management system (BMS). This Power Station supports AC&DC input charging by power source, solar panel, and it also can discharge via AC&DC and with a car start interface using 4.0L emission cars or lower, to keep you powered up convenient, efficient and safe during travelling, outdoor operations, earthquake medical emergency, power outage.

Scope of application USB Port: Smartphone, MP3 Player, Digital Camera, Tablet, E-reader, etc. DC 12V

Output Ports: LED lamp, etc.

DC 12V Cigarette Port: Car onboard fridges, 12V appliances, etc.

AC Output Port: Electric appliances such as Televisions, Laptops, Cooker, etc.

Made by Hyundai, not under license to others.

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