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Please note all of our meters are now sent either E-Parcel or registered mail at no extra charge (you will need to sign for it), due to the high volume sent we do not load the tracking number, but it is available if required, if you do not want the meter sent registered please advise us, however you will be taking responsibility for any lost in transit without tracking.
Ideal for 12 volt Lithium, Lifepo and AGM batteries, Any battery below can be set, but 12volt Lead Acid or AGM is pre programmed.

This is the deluxe meter with the temperature sensor cable

This meter does not come with battery clips as all installations are different, it has a red for positive and black for negative, the cables are not thick and heavy as the meter only requires a miniscule amount of power to operate.

Caution! before throwing out the packaging, please remove cable from bag!


1. Simple dustproof and waterproof surface, with protective cover.

2. Colour liquid crystal with a clear light display.

3. Suitable for AGM, lead-acid, lithium-ion batteries, lithium iron phosphate and metal hydride batteries.

4. Deluxe version which displays the percentage of remaining battery power, voltage, and temperature.

5. 10-100V wide input voltage, reverse protection.

6. Product sleeps after 10 seconds.

7, Over temperature alarm

8. Simple installation with a buckle (no screws required).

9. Includes open programming mode.


Product size 61.5*33.5*13.5 mm
Mounting size 58.5*28.5 mm
Display size 33*16.5 mm
Product weight 20/21/22g
Operating voltage 10V to 100 V
Operating power 8/10 mA backlight on
Delay time adjustable 10~120S ( seconds adjustable)
Sleep power consumption 15/20 uA 20V
Voltage accuracy ±0.1 / ±0.5 %
Temperature accuracy ±0.5 / ±1 °C Built-in standard (external 30CM probe option)
Temperature range -19 ~ 80 °C Celsius
Temperature range -2.2~ 179 °F Fahrenheit
Over temperature alarm adjustable 0 ~ 79 °C (1 second interval after over temperature) temperature value flashing
Over temperature alarm adjustable 0 ~179 °F  temperature value flashing
Low-voltage alarm adjustable 10.5~ 60.0 V  voltage value flashing
Working temperature -10 ~65 °C


 Press and hold the SET button to enter the 1--menu,
Click the switch button,
The right side displays L, press SET to switch between L/F/P, select the corresponding battery type, press the switch to enter, and the L/F/P is set.
Press SET to select the number of battery strings.
Press SET to select the voltage.
After selecting the specifications, press and hold the key to save.
After saving, return to the previous interface and press SET to exit.

Example of battery program:

P12V - Lead Acid/AGM
P24V - Lead Acid/AGM
F4 Lifepo 12Volt
F8 Lifepo 24V
L3  String Lithuim Battery
L4  String Lithuim Battery

 Package includes:

 1pc Battery Capacity Indicator Voltage Monitor
1pc cable
1pc programming Instruction- only required if not a standard 12v battery.
Lifepo and other voltages will require programming.

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